Kathy Gilmore
Phila. Pa.  19128

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  • Coaching for Real Estate Investors and Realtors
  • Entrepreneurial & Career Development
 My coaching 
it's all about YOU!
 Areas of Coaching
My coaching philosophy is simple. Coaching is all about YOU. You have my full attention, energy, trust, care, respect, confidence and experience to guide and support you. I will also challenge you to greater heights and celebrate your courage and growth.   
My coaching Style...
it's all about 
keeping it REAL.
That means living a life that is truthful, genuine and reflects the real you.  Being true to oneself  is the key to moving forward in an authentic life. Being realistic in your visions, beliefs and goals will bring you credible and successful results. 

Professional Background 

•  25 years of marketing, sales, public relations and communications experience
•  Entrepreneur/business owner 
•  Licensed Realtor in the State of Pennsylvania
•  Experienced real estate investor and landlord
•  Professional Certified Coach since 2007 & Graduate of Coach University, the largest coaching school in the world. 

"Life is short. Keep it real." 

That's my guiding philosophy and that philosophy is one of the reasons I transitioned my career to add coaching in 2007. I'm passionate about the power that coaching has to transform lives, and help people live the best life they can for the short time that we have on this planet. 

My background includes almost 30 years of business experience in marketing, sales, communications and real estate. I have worked for major corporations, as an entrepreneur, and as a freelance marketing consultant. I LOVE to work with professionals and entrepreneurs to help them grow their business and boost profitability. 

My life experiences are many, and I am blessed to have great friends and a wonderful family.

I live in the Philadelphia area, but I can coach you no matter where you are located via phone, Skype, or Online Conferencing.  

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  Kathy Gilmore
Real Estate Rehab Coach