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4 One-Hour Coaching Sessions - PLUS, In the field, hand-on coaching on your first property deal!
“If you are looking to take your real estate game to the next level...or even just get off the ground, look no further than Kathy Gilmore. As an experienced real estate and marketing pro, Kathy knows the ins and outs of this investment business. Kathy helped me TAKE ACTION right away. This is a huge sticking point for many new, and seasoned investors
(who don't know
where to go in this crazy
market). So, from my
personal experience,
she will definitely help
you take action. Call her;
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already! ....sheesh!"                                                  
                                        Chris McKenzie

  What my coaching clients say...
Diversified Investors Group Rehab Tour
Led by Kathy

“I joined Kathy's 4-4-2 Rehab course after meeting her through Keller Williams Realty. Kathy's knowledge in rehabbing and her financial expertise gave me the tools I need to be a successful real estate investor. ..Kathy's Rehab course showed me how to invest with a sound strategy and basically saved
me money by
helping me avoid
the learning mistakes
that I would only have
learned through
making the mistake
otherwise. I highly reccomend Kathy's 4-4-2 rehabbing course!"

Don Feltenberger

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  What my coaching clients say...
“Kathy's program gave me the knowledge and confidence to rehab my first property. Since then I have done
several deals with Kathy
and made over
$22,000 in profit so
far- even with my full
time job.  She has incred-
ible knowledge of the
market, and her design
skills are top notch. 
I recommend  Kathy's
hands-on rehab coaching - hands-down the best coaching program out there! "
                                            Anthony Weber
"Kathy's one-on-one coaching helped me find the direction and focus I needed to make money in real estate. After visiting properties with me, she taught me how to negotiate with home owners, estimate rehab costs, and analyze the numbers on a deal.    With Kathy's help,                            I was able to                                     finally launch my                               wholesaling                                    business. I've done
two deals so far
and put $10,000
in my pocket. I'm
looking forward to doing alot more deals with Kathy's help until I can do this full time. I have no hesitation recommending Kathy - call her! It's the best investment you can make!"
                               Robert Lewis

You Could Be $5,000, $10,000 or $50,000 Richer in the next few
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