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Step 3: 2 Coaches to Help You Learn the Business of Rehabbing, Flipping, Rentals and Wholesaling!

First you will meet with Kathy & a Contractor for your Rehab Project Meeting. The contractor is your 2nd coaching and will be available to answer all your questions about the construction and repair work needed for your project. 

Kathy will coach you through the entire business, design & marketing aspects of your project including the financial analysis, creating a budget, the design of your property including interior layout, exterior work for best curb appeal, selection of paint colors, and kitchen, bath & other materials, staging the property for showing & marketing your property for sale - or rental.

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Here's Why the  "Hands-On"  4-4-2 Coaching Program
is Different from Others...

We Meet Once a Week for 4 Weeks of "one-on-one" Training.  (see training outline below!) 

When You Find Your Deal, I Visit The Property with you, meet with the seller, help you analyze the financials, estimate the rehab & negotiate & close the deal!  (you can't get more "hands-on" than that! )

Once we Close on your deal, I will help you with any of the following:

- For FLIPS: managing & designing the entire rehab, sourcing all the suppliers and materials, marketing, listing & selling the property for you.

- for RENTALS: managing & designing the entire rehab, tenant placement & training on tenant management.

- for WHOLESALING: property visit, financial analysis, negotiating with seller, closing the deal & wholesaling the property to my buyer's list

  • No Other Coaching Program takes you into the field to teach you how to estimate the repairs & close your deal!
  • No other Coaching Program works side-by-side with you in the trenches during your rehab to guide, manage, design & sell your rehab!
  • No other Coaching Program will share their list of local resources, vendors and forms that are "Pennsylvania friendly."
  • No other Coach offers you 13 years of knowledge and experience in the Philadelphia local area market!
  • No other Coach provides 6 hours of "one-on-one training", on-site tours of rehabs in progress, plus UNLIMITED help with coaching and direction on your deals - for as long as your want! 
  • No other Coach has experience as a marketer, rehabber, landlord, wholesaler, designer, realtor and "Certified Business and Life Coach" !

  • No other Real Estate Investing Program offers ALL THIS at an incredible price for 6 hours of individual training - plus a negotiated project management fee once your project gets started. 

Invest in your future, by signing up NOW.  It will pay off a thousand-fold by giving yourself the best education and training you can buy to become a successful real estate investor! 

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About Kathy: 

12 Years as a Real estate investor, PA Licensed Agent, 20 years Marketing & Design expderience,  ACC Certified Business & Life Coach, Member of DIG, ICF  & Graduate of Coach University.

Kathy Gilmore
What is the 4-4-2 COACHING PROGRAM?

Simply the BEST HANDS-ON & AFFORDABLE way to learn real estate investing in the local Philadelphia region, with your own personal coach. 

                                                  *  4  Personal-one-on-one Coaching Sessions
                                                  *  4  Weeks to Find Your Deal
                                                  *  2  Coaches to Guide You, On- Site, at Your Rehab Property

Step 1: 4 Coaching Sessions

4 weekly one-on-one coaching sessions in my Roxborough office to teach you the basics of how to find & analyze a rehab & how to find the financing.                                
  Cost:    4 Coaching Sessions - $700
           * DIG Member Discount - $500!

Step 2: 4 Weeks to Find A Deal

Now it’s time to take action! Spend 4 weeks following the steps laid out in the coaching sessions to find your deal. I will help you ANALYZE YOUR DEALS so that you don't OVERPAY or choose the WRONG property! 

The 4-4-2 Coaching Program

There's NO other Mentoring Program Like it
in the Phildelphia Area  Real Estate Market!

Call or email TODAY to get started with your free 20 min. introductory  coaching session! 

Click Here to Get Started With Your FREE 20 Min.
  Coaching Call or In Person Meeting!

  I can't wait to work with you! 

Outline of What You Will Learn in Your 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Setting Goals & Writing Your 2-Page Business Plan
  • 30 ways to find properties 
  • Marketing examples:  letters, postcards, online, etc.
  • How to present creative offers including Lease Option, Lease Purchase, Subject To, Owner Financing and more....
  • How to acurately analyze comps
  • Learn how to make a deal work - or walk away
  • How to identify your geographic target market
  • How to become an expert in your market
  • How to Develop exit strategies - before you buy
  • Learn the winning strategy for flipping in this housing market
  • How to Obtain Financing including banks, hard money, private lenders, partners, IRA's, LOC's & more
  • Financial analysis of your deal for rentals or flips (including  my Spreadsheet Analyzer)
  • Estimating rehab repairs - (both ballpark on the spot estimates & detailed estimates)
  • Rehabbing - Level 1 & 2 Rentals
  • Rehabbing - Level 1 & 2 Flips
  • How to Work with a contractor - contracts, payments, work quality & more
  • Systemizing your investing business
  • Learning from "MY Rehab Mistakes" - case studies of my good & not-so-good deals
  • Negotiating with Sellers - Learning what questions to ask to create a Win-Win deal
  • Structuring multiple creative offers
  • Overcoming Fear, Inertia, or Confusion about how to get started
  • How to Zap the tolerations in your lifer
  • How to identify and eliminate the roadblocks to your success

             "ACTION STEPS" & Accountability each week!

Partnering/Financing Option:  If you partner with me on your project, I may even provide the funding if you do not have financing in place!  Call for details! 

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