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Survive & Thrive in the Real Estate Market!
How Realtors Can "Re-Vision" Their Business 
for Today's Market

         My FREE lunchtime learning program titled “Survive and Thrive in the Real Estate Bust”, offers brokers & sales agents a one-hour presentation, right in the convenience of your own office, to help you “Re-Vision” your business in the current market.  
       My program will…
  • Help your agents understand the sales, pricing and absorption rates
    going on in their market right now. 
  • Give your agents new tools to help them translate and discuss these trends with their customers.
  • Motivate your agents and get them excited about changing the vision
    of their business
  • Give agents new marketing strategies & ideas to implement right away
  • Provide agents with Self-Coaching tools that empower them to…
- Create new winning habits
- Zap the tolerations in their life
- Follow the 100-point checklist for creating a rewarding 
                  professional practice
- Inspire them to be their best, and design and attract the life they want

      In this valuable one-hour event, we'll explore and learn how to Re-Vision  business for the current and coming market. 
         Here are some of the topics we'll cover:

FIRST - We will analyze and discuss the sales and pricing statistics for you market and discuss the trends over the last year, and 6 years. 
We will then be able to discuss how we can analyze and discuss these trends with your clients, so that they, and  you are successful in buying and selling within the right context of the current market. 

  • How to take advantage of opportunity in chaos

How Relating Better to People is a key strategy in re-visioning 

How Realtors can instantly & confidently answer the most important question they will be asked by a prospective client.

8 Market-Busting Marketing Techniques to launch right now

Secret Weapons To Break Through the Clutter in a Competitive Market

3 Advanced Self-Coaching Tools for Realtors to Zap Tolerations, Build Good Daily Habits and Design a Rewarding and Successful Business

The 10 Stepping Stones to Build Your Life & Attract the Things You Want

The 100 Key Factors in Building a Profitable, Professional RE Practice

All Participants will be given:
Self-Coaching Tool handouts
A Certificate for One Free Follow-up Coaching Session
A mystery door prize will be awarded!


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